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Got a Case of the Mondays? We have the cure! Try your first case free.

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Mailed directly to your office. Indulge in a wide varity of fun, junk-free snacks.

Subscription Details:

Case of the Mondays is a specifically designed and curated 5 snack variety box. Indulge in a flavorful and filling personal portion of healthier workplace snacks for each day of the workweek.

Click the button “FIRST CASE ON US” and you’ll get your first box totally free and your other boxes will cost $13.99 each.

Case of the Mondays is a regular subscription (every week). You can change or cancel your orders at any time. No penalties of fees.

After your first free case, all payments are synchronized to Monday. All Case of the Mondays deliveries are sent on the Tuesday after Monday’s payment is received.

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1st case
usually $13.99

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Making Our Case…

fun + snacks

Case of the Mondays is the solution to unhealthy, workplace candy habits. Ditch the vending machine and try Case of the Mondays today and see why our members love our junk-free snacks presented in a fun, creative way!


Quality + Savings

The average office worker spends nealry $5 a day on snacks. We’re always trying new, interesting snack variations from quality ingredients for a savings to our customers. Try today for a free price case!

= the perfect workday escape

What Our Customers Say

Michael A.

A fun, tasty subscription box! I’ve tried other snack boxes and this one is by far the best value for healthy and flavorful snacks.

Mia L.

This box is much more than snacks, it’s an experience! Overall, I think it’s a cool concept and a very fun way of presenting healthy eating.

Joseph B.

The box arrived in my office mailbox and before I could even get it back to my desk five coworkers asked me about it. The cool design definitely catches your eye and the snacks inside keep you coming back for more.

Olivia A.

Case of the Mondays just gets it. Other snack subscription boxes have no personality. Not only are the snacks healthy and delicious, I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next week!

1st case
usually $13.99

Free Shipping

Case of the Mondays

Discover healthier office snacks!

Cure even the most severe Case of the Mondays.

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